• New Article by Robert and James

    Our director and manager wrote an OPED for the Chronicle Herald on the idea of universal mental health care in the province.  Here is the link:



  • New article on Trauma!

    Our Executive Director and Clinic Manager published an article on pitfalls of clinical treatment of trauma in this issue of Connection Magazine:

    Social work & clinical treatment of trauma: A caution.


  • New Rack Card!!!

    Our rack card for Inside Out is ready!  Check it out here.


  • ManTalk in the News!

    Our clinic manager wrote an article featuring the men of ManTalk.  It was published in The Chronicle Herald on October 9, 2021.  as always, we credit the group participants for putting the issue of male sexual victimization on the provincial map. 

    Here it is:

    JAMES DUBÉ: Male sex-assault victims marginalized | SaltWire


  • Announcing a new group!

    Inside Out 

    -A Men’s Wellness Group 

    We shouldn’t wait until problems get out of hand before getting help. At the Peoples’ Counselling Clinic, though we work with all genders, we have a special focus on understanding and serving the needs of male-identified persons. 

    We have established a new therapy group for men - Inside Out. 

    This group is designed to help men who are concerned that they are putting themselves and others at risk. We acknowledge that some who need help will also have experiences of already perpetrating harm against others. 

    We focus on helping men heal from: 

    ● Trauma, neglect, abandonment, and other attachment injuries. 

    ● All forms of abuse. 

    ● Poverty and other forms of marginalization. 

    ● Racism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination. 

    To help them stop the hurting. We seek to create a space where all men who need healing from the harm they’ve suffered and the harm they’ve caused can come together to heal. 

    Call or email us to schedule a confidential intake. We meet twice per month using a video conferencing platform. 

    To be eligible you must be male identified and be 19 years of age and older. We also have support available for partners and families. 

    The Peoples’ Counselling Clinic thepeoplescounsellingclinic.ca 200-5435 Portland Place, Halifax, NS B3K 1A2 Phone: 902-832-1593 Fax: 902-832-0061