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Our interns, supervised by our clinic manager and executive director, offer counselling in the following areas:


  • Trauma, including complex trauma stemming from severe abuse, neglect, violence, and other adverse childhood experiences.
  • Patterns of abuse in relationships, including counselling for people involved in criminal Justice processes.
  • Family of origin, attachment, and development.
  • Sexual behaviour problems and use of violence in relationships. 
  • Sexual and intimate partner victimization.


Our clinic manager typically focuses on providing direct services to clients who fall under one of our funded programmes.


Our supervision model ensures competent care:


  • Our executive director supervises all clinical relationships and provides direct consultation services when indicated.  For more information about Robert's private practice, see
  • Our executive director provides academic supervision for our interns.
  • Our clinic manager provides daily supervision for interns and also coordinates monthly case management meetings to guide decisions about case load and other issues.  He also provides consultation to interns as appropriate.
  • All formal correspondence with courts, probation, or other agencies is reviewed and signed by either our executive director or clinic manager to ensure accountability.