Inside Out Rack Card .png


These rack cards describe some ongoing projects we are working on:


  • ManTalk began in 2011 as a group  for male-identified individuals who have experienced sexual abuse.
  • Hey Men began in 2015 as a partnership with local universities to help men who show problematic sexual behaviour. 
  • Male Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence started as a series of meeting to discuss the issue in a way that honours services for women.
  • The Peoples' Counselling Clinic is always looking for ways to partner with allied agencies to help serve marginalized people.
  • ManTalk 2.0 was funded by the Federal Department of Justice and is one of our services offered to victims of sexualized violence and human trafficking. 
  • Our rack cards are designed by Duane Jones.  Check out his website:  https://artpaysme.com/.